Kola Oyeyemi - President ADVAN

Meeting Kola Oyeyemi

President of ADVAN – I’m in the South of Lagos, in Nigeria, a growing metropolis and the commercial heart of Nigeria. With an estimated population of 21 million people, Lagos is the second fastest-growing city in Africa. And not only Lagos, Nigeria as a whole is growing fast. The country is now the largest economy in Africa – a place I should definitely keep an eye on. Today, I will be meeting Kola Oyeyemi, president of ADVAN – the Advertiser’s Association of Nigeria. His Linkedin profile shows that he has broad experience in the field of marketing and is currently the General Manager of Consumer Marketing for MTN, Africa’s largest telecom provider. He moved there after an award winning marketing career at Cadbury. But I am sure these are not the only reasons he got re-elected as ADVAN President.

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Kola Oyeyemi - President ADVAN

‘Thought leader in a fast changing economy’ – Kola Oyeyemi

Public speech at the ADVAN event –

I’m in Lagos, attending the ADVAN event – the Advertiser’s Association of Nigeria where its president Kola Oyeyemi is giving a speech:
“Nigeria’s and the whole of Africa’s economic potential has been hindered by mismanagement and weak institutions,” says Kola, “but committed visionary leadership can steer the continent and specifically Nigeria back on the path of growth and economic prosperity. It all boils down to leadership.

“A growing economy needs purposeful and courageous leadership with a legacy orientation. Yes, we all need to survive today, but of greater importance should be the future. What sustainability pillars are we building into our current strategies to guarantee the future? Individuals and organisations need to think and envision beyond themselves and the immediate satisfaction of their needs. Collaboration is required.  Continue reading

Kola Oyeyemi - President ADVAN

‘Making an impact on life’ – Kola Oyeyemi

Founder of ‘Ignite Nigeria’ – I’m at an event of ADVAN – the Advertiser’s Association of Nigeria where its president Kola Oyeyemi has just given an inspirational speech. I sit down with Kola for a coffee.

“I hope you liked my story,” he says. “I would like to share my new book with you, as soon as it gets published, ’Kill or get Killed; The Marketing Killer Instinct’, it’s going to be my 5th book and the first marketing management book ever to be written by an African.” Continue reading