‘Making an impact on life’ – Kola Oyeyemi

Founder of ‘Ignite Nigeria’ – I’m at an event of ADVAN – the Advertiser’s Association of Nigeria where its president Kola Oyeyemi has just given an inspirational speech. I sit down with Kola for a coffee.

“I hope you liked my story,” he says. “I would like to share my new book with you, as soon as it gets published, ’Kill or get Killed; The Marketing Killer Instinct’, it’s going to be my 5th book and the first marketing management book ever to be written by an African.”

“That’s interesting,” I say. “It must be an important moment for you.”

“It is. It was assessed and approved by the American Library of Congress which is a major endorsement. It elevates the work and the author to an international level. The book looks at the marketing practice across categories, industries and geographies. It is a handbook written from a practitioner’s perspective, filled with case studies and practical lessons. It is aimed at marketers, students of marketing and investors who want to succeed in Africa.

“I’ve always sought for ways to inspire the new generation of African managers and leaders and I’ve been doing so by sharing my views as a speaker, as a business leader and as a writer.
I’m driven to inspire others and make a difference, wherever I go and whomever I meet,” says Kola.

Kola Oyeyemi

“That’s also one of the main reasons why I founded the NGO ‘Ignite Africa’, to impact and inspire. I founded Ignite Africa with the purpose of raising a ‘Can Do’ generation. By teaching young Nigerians the values of diligence, integrity, selfless leadership and the fear of God as recipes for building a great nation.

“You know,” he continues, “change a man and you change a family; change a family and you change institutions; change institutions and you change the nation. I have made it my purpose to ignite this change.”

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