Meeting Kola Oyeyemi

President of ADVAN – I’m in the South of Lagos, in Nigeria, a growing metropolis and the commercial heart of Nigeria. With an estimated population of 21 million people, Lagos is the second fastest-growing city in Africa. And not only Lagos, Nigeria as a whole is growing fast. The country is now the largest economy in Africa – a place I should definitely keep an eye on. Today, I will be meeting Kola Oyeyemi, president of ADVAN – the Advertiser’s Association of Nigeria. His Linkedin profile shows that he has broad experience in the field of marketing and is currently the General Manager of Consumer Marketing for MTN, Africa’s largest telecom provider. He moved there after an award winning marketing career at Cadbury. But I am sure these are not the only reasons he got re-elected as ADVAN President.

Kola Oyeyemi - President ADVAN

Kola Oyeyemi – President ADVAN

The fact that he is an alumnus of Columbia Business School in New York must help as well to develop a global view on marketing and business in general. ADVAN is hosting an event I’m heading to now. This organisation has been around for more than 20 years, shaping the marketing landscape in Nigeria. Kola will be speaking here at the Marketing Night in his capacity as the president of the organisation. I wonder what he’s got to say and how he sees the industry develop.  

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